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Fielding calls about Form 34s?

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Getting questions about the media reports regarding fires linked to combustible cladding? Got a Form 34 to fill out and worried about fulfilling your legal obligations?

Head to the safer buildings website

The Safer Queensland website is the go to resources for our clients affected by this retrospective legislative requirement. Find out which buildings are affected using QBCC's online resources. Part one of the checklist involves four questions and has a completion date of 29th March 2019.

Time is ticking before Form 34s are due in - at BA&A we wanted Brisbane's construction industry leaders to be across changes to the Queensland legislation. Great news – there is a plan!

BA&A were proud to present a summary of compliance assessments at the BDAQ CPD session in February. If you missed it, the presentation notes will support you to know more about Queensland Governments pragmatic approach to this issue, including key dates.

Clarify your understanding of the combustible cladding definition under the new building regulations updates.

See the Safer Queensland website or contact a fire engineer for further support.

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