How the Build Over Asset application process is set to change

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Queensland Urban Utilities update - Stage 1 - Effective 1st March 2019

QUU will no longer be accepting self-assessment referrals (fast track BOA / BOS applications). All applications will require a full assessment referral. This will bring QUU in line with the other infrastructure asset owners across the state.

Will my time frame change? Yes - this may change the assessment time frame from a possible five business days to twenty business days (from the date of paying the QUU generated invoice). QUU indicated that they are committed to efficient and appropriate assessment time frames for the BOA.

New requirements All F32 assessments are to be issued to QUU with the plans and relevant information. More information will be issued by QUU, however it does mean that all building work within 3m of class 1 and 10 buildings and structures will require these items to be shown on the engineering plans:

  • Pipe and sewer connection

  • Location/distance from building work

  • Pipe diameter

Then QUU can confirm that the application is properly made. This will be receipted and checked by QUU within five business days.

What does this mean for the building approval process?

Building Approvals and Advice is committed to the QDC MP1.4 assessment process. 

All class 1a or 10 building work, within 3m of a sewer or stormwater pipe, will be assessed against the QDC MP1.4.

  • If compliant, a Form 32 will be issued to QUU with all documentation required. 

  • If non-compliant, an application will be lodged with QUU or the owner of the asset. 

Fees and charges  The QUU, Council or other asset owners fee will be charged if it is not self-assessable.

QUU-BOA current fee: $486.00*

BCC Stormwater application current fee: $920.00*

Unity Water current fee: $660.00*

* Please note all fees quoted are indicative only and are subject to change (GST may be applicable).