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Updated: Jul 12

October 2019

Thank you MRIAQ and Carl Brandon for hosting and the engineers from NJA, Newport and R Hoskins & Associates for lending us their expert insights.


Event presentation - view here

Our top three takeaways from the questions / discussions ..

  1. Roofing contractors confirmed that more companies are aware of legal requirements eg for re roofing.

  2. Contractors are clear on the basic time frames and certification requirements. Now we are seeking uniformity around the requirements for tie downs and rectification works.

  3. Experienced roofers are sharing their know how with teams so requirements and overlay stipulations are met on roofing projects - and that box/ valley gutters and roof pitch fit the requirements of the NCC 2019.

Keen for further resources?

Thanks Phil Beveridge for the helpful resource linked to FAQs from the recent roofing related QBCC Tradie Talks. As attendees hadn't been able to join the earlier event it meant that key points of interest could be shared.

Roofers, builders, designers - seeking additional clarification? 

Information, and FAQs answered- see previous entries to the BA&A blog.

BA&A's re roofing approvals process - abridged!

Ready to proceed with your re roofing certification?

Arrange your free quote with a call to 32654114 or email through the plans/ site address here.

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