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Need clarification around roofing design?

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Many thanks to the BDAQ team, Capral and Stramit for the insights around key issues faced by designers when selecting and specifying roofing products.

CPD takeaways

  • Roof pitch and size is essential information for considering rainfall requirements

  • Box gutters are a minimum of 300mm wide and require hydraulic engineer design to ensure compliance

  • Roof profiles must be designed to incorporate penetration locations

Hoping to avoid a roofing approval headache?

For information around the Australian Standards and other roofing requirements please get in touch. Contact us as early as you can to save time...start off with key information that helps streamline your approvals.

BA&A can help support you with approvals that ensure the roof you design can withstand the Queensland conditions. We work closely with the best engineers in the business and can put you in touch with our expert team and professional contacts.

Clarifying roof and rainwater products and profiles?

If you require further information and technical data please see Capral's contact and Stramit’s contact details here .

The team at MRIAQ are your industry support body for Metal Roofing in QLD.

Roof slope - a designer's choice

Employ a steep slope for enhanced water flow in a high intensity rain fall area like ours or a lower pitch for improved safety and aesthetic effect?

Check out this guide for more information.

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