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Industry Update - Safe movement and access

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Our take on some important changes following updates to the NCC 2019 

To meet your legislative requirements around external landscaped staircases... All stairs on the access path to the house need to comply with NCC 3.9.1 - Stairway and Ramp Construction

The updated NCC features this new figure which illustrates the delineated path of access to the building and associated balustrade requirements. 

Although the figure above depicts one example of balustrading, all external and landscape staircases are required to comply with Part 3.9 - Safe movement and access - found in Vol 2 of the NCC 2019 

For example consider:

  • Stair riser heights - minimums and maximums

  • Going widths - consistent 

  • Handrails - where required

  • Landing specifications - min size and gradient 

  • Slip resistance                      

Check out page 28 of the QBCC's revised Standards and Tolerances guide for further info around updated stair tolerances.


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