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Certification: its place in the building process

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

At BA&A, our team is lucky to be a small but important cog in the wheel of your project....

Need a smooth run to your Form 21?

Involve your certifier early to avoid a headache down the track…

Communication and collaboration at the start of the project means the approval can run as smoothly as possible.

Time saving tips

Michael Tyrrell, BA&A director and certifier, discusses tips to streamline the certification and building process with Andy of King Builders.

Watch to learn more about:

  • The council’s role in the building approvals process

  • The difference between a DA and a BA

  • Our take on the importance of the collaborative approach

Michael recommends:

“Save money and communicate early – costly redesign is often avoidable…

if identified in the initial stages."

For further clarification around development applications and how these fit in with the Building Approvals process, check out Brisbane Town Planning’s online resources.

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