Building Certification Team of the Year

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

BA&A recognised for professionalism- four years lucky!

The 2019 award from Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) means a lot to our Brisbane team.

We always strive to improve and innovate. BA&A team members work hard to stay true to our values and provide excellent service for our customers. Building certifiers are a small cog in the wheel for demolition, building and construction projects. Recognition for teamwork motivates us to keep working within the industry to smooth the process. BA&A aims to facilitate safety without causing unnecessary stress, cost or friction for our valued clients.

BA&A’s entry outlined how teamwork helped our certifiers towards safety and compliance for two Brisbane projects. The application process was an opportunity for learning and development for our team.

Implementing the RICS ethical standards to frame our decisions helps to balance client wishes with legal and safety requirements. Our competitive edge stems from our people – a solutions focused, passionate and friendly group of twelve. Innovation and technology allows us to maintain open and honest communication. We take the time to liaise and address challenges with the wide variety of stakeholders involved with our certification projects.

RICS support helps BA&A look at the big picture of our profession and celebrate how we can apply the big ideas in our corner of Queensland. Professional frameworks and resources support us to act ethically and in the public’s best interest. 

We enjoy accessing events and training opportunities where we meet like-minded professionals, stay connected and keep up to date. For example, certifier Michael Tyrrell had the chance to experience the international RICS New York World Built Environment summit – inspiring!

Architects, builders and designers - if you're ready to put our team work to the test for your next project - we look forward to chatting with you! Contact BA&A here.