Know your boundaries - QDC MP 1.2 insights for Queensland's construction industry professionals.

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

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Designing Class 1a or 10a residential projects

Because building designers and architects help homeowners consider all solutions in their entirety, all elements are carefully considered at the planning stage.

  • Detailed plans and and awareness of correct definitions from the QDC MP 1.2 are critical, as dimensions and distances can define the building envelope.

  • Avoid time delays and additional costs down the line... early input from a private certifier can help - so any challenges can be overcome early.

Clarifying triggers for relaxations/ siting variations with council (lots 450m2 and over)?

Consider the Design and Siting Standard for single detached housing . View current QDC MP 1.2 here.

This mandatory Queensland legislation guides acceptable solutions.

  • Pay close attention to the and/ or conditions.

  • Works outside of the building envelope may trigger a referral to the appropriate regional council. For example, see BCC requirements for building near the boundary and siting variations here.

Download our summary from QDC MP 1.2 CPD sessions facilitated by BA&A, including tips to save time/ expense.

QDC MP 1.2 CPD workshop summary
Download PDF • 125KB

Supporting homeowners with the siting variation/ relax process (BCC projects? Further insights from Brisbane Town Planning

Homeowners, further BCC building envelope insights from Latemore designs here