Meeting updated NCC Vol 2 requirements?

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Key points to know by May 1st, 2020 to ensure a smooth approval.

The BA&A team enjoyed recent CPD around the NCC updates thanks to BDAQ and Energy Efficiency expert Guiliano Zanus of Green Design and Consulting.

We discovered even the usual  six star ratings may involve design adjustments - due to new minimum and maximum cooling and heating loads.

  • Heating and cooling limits - now separate - outlined in of Vol 2 of the NCC - download new tables and refer to the NCC resources.

  • Load limits are an additional requirement to existing star ratings for certain buildings including class 1.

  • A thermal assessor should be engaged from the initial stages, to save on costly redesign later.

Designers and architects -wondering how this will impact your Brisbane projects?

  1. Check the related fact sheets and regulations for clarification - or we'd love to help you get in touch with an energy assessor.

  2. BDAQ members can access the webinar recording on the members hub.

  3. Join the waitlist for Giuliano's workshop later in 2020 for additional post - deadline reflections and clarifications.