NCC 2019 - its go time!

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

BA&A certifiers are ready to support you to cut through the clutter...

For building applications engaged from May 1st 2019, assessment will be under the updated NCC and Australian Standards referenced by this.

Preview, digital copies and resources available at ABCB website . Get in touch for project specific clarifications from our certifiers or check out a summary of key changes below.

All building classes will be affected. As specialists for certification of class 1 and 10 buildings, BA&A is pleased to note that Volume 2 has fewer changes, though the order has adjusted.

According to the HIA, these major changes will apply for low rise buildings:

· AS/NZS 2918 - Solid Fuel Burning devices

· AS 35000.3 - Plumbing installations - Stormwater drainage

· AS 3700 - Masonry structures

· AS 4200 - Pliable building membranes

· AS 5113 - Facade assembly testing standard - Classification of external walls of buildings based on reaction to fire performance

· AS5146 - Autoclaved Aerated Concrete standard

· AS 1562.1 - Metal Roofing and AS 2050 - Roof Tiling are changing

Excerpt from HIA training resources 3rd April and online resources. Check out the full ABCB article here.

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