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Need hassle free demo approvals?

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

We know speed is the key to a successful domestic demolition permit.

include lot and plan details on initial email for quoting, use interactive overlays to understand site requirements, allow for councils' five business day wait period, cap on-site sewerage systems and provide form 4, be prepared to repair any damage caused through demo in accordance with code.

Legislation requires demo approvals to be held for 5 days with council prior to issuing to the applicant (in accordance with s86 of the Building Act 1975). Then BA&A ensures it arrives in your inbox ASAP so demolition can commence!

*Amenity & Aesthetics (A&A Application) mandatory on all demolition applications.

Supporting your team with safe practice? Look up and live resources available here. Also check out industry updates and support through DIA.

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