The best way forward for Brisbane's demolition permits

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Headache free approvals, when you need it most.

Despite industry hardships, positive to see that many deconstruction professionals are still smashing it in a COVID-19 context.

To support the businesses providing this essential service, BA&A are still operating business (as new) normal. We are able to meet the usual time frames to ensure a quick, compliant and hassle-free demolition approval.

As industry supporters, we are looking to work together and:

  • Maintain high levels of service

  • Reduce stress- help contractors meet legal obligations so demo projects are compliant

  • Keep projects progressing despite the uncertain times

  • Stay connected and informed.

Industry professionals we have spoken to are noticing an additional strain… current contexts necessitate additional client communication. We hope the resources below can be of use.

Client info

- Demolition brochure

- Demolitions and the homeowner (thanks to O’Shea and Sons)

- Getting your site ready - Undercover architect

FAQs - now searchable

April resource round up

Industry associations and government support with safe work practices

Many industry professionals are looking ahead to fill future pipelines to adjust for any Covid-19 project delays/drop in project numbers. We'll look after your approvals quickly so you can get on with winning more projects.

Get in touch for a quote, we’re working remotely and ready to help.