Your re roof project - safe and compliant

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

Supporting roofing contractors to meet their legal obligations.

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Clarifying eaves, downpipes and boundary walls?

Ensure you read the sub clauses in context of the entire provision

NCC - Watch this quick video

Newsflash : NCC amendment will clarify in NCC Volume Two that anti-ponding board requirements only apply to roofs where sarking is installed

NCC – watch video


We've touched base with storm affected residents from the Gold Coast to Gympie - all grateful to their roofers for helping protect the safety and resale value of their home.

Hail damage causes (expensive!) issues like leaks and rust and corrosion in the long term. Our clients are often engaged by insurance companies to come to the roofing rescue.

We support roofing contractors to meet their administrative requirements as described by the QBCC

When roofing works involve the replacement of more than 20 per cent of the existing roof area, a Building Approval is required. The building approval must be obtained by either the roofing contractor or the property owner.

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