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How industry professionals can obtain a quick, value for money demolition approval.

Just a few clicks can help you streamline your demolition approvals...begin deconstruction faster.

Need the legislative requirements sorted as quickly as possible? We've updated our digital processes. Send the site and owner information for residential projects via this online form and we'll process your demolition approval, starting from $588.50 + council fees.

infographic demolition approvals - getting started quicker

Quick and simple

Easy communication with our small and experienced team. Have your application lodged with council in 5 working days so deconstruction can begin. Applies to Class 1a, Class 10, Class 2 projects until July 2024 - for demolition approvals with Brisbane City Council, Moreton Bay City Council, Logan City Council, Ipswich City Council, Redlands City Council.

Rapid engagement option- special rate now available

Share the information / links with your team

Rapid Engagement Offer with link to Jotform- demo approvals
Download PDF • 1.10MB

Reduce stress- BA&A are committed to helping contractors meet legal obligations so demo projects are compliant.

Safe, professional demolitions start with a hassle-free approvals process.

  1. Search the property to understand site requirements - use interactive overlay tools such as the Queensland Globe and PD online searches via each council website.

  2. Know council requirements around waiting periods as per Building Act section 88 - allow for 5 days when scheduling work.

  3. Cap on - site sewerage systems, and provide BA&A with the Form 4.

Decommissioning a pool? Council info here for LCC and here from BCC.

Excellent service and support

Email or call 07 3265 4114 for demolitions permit advice for Brisbane and surrounds.

Tailored service available. Ask us about

  1. invoicing / payment options

  2. information ready to distribute to clients, so your team can answer questions faster - more here.

  3. access to the BA&A online customer portal

Portal for High Volume contractors- track project progress

🗸Any team member, any time

🗸Stay organised and in control of your demo approvals (with less effort)

Take the info with you

demolitions brochure from Oct 22
Download PDF • 10.53MB


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