Specialising in residential demolition permits, and pool deconstruction, BA&A is a proud member of the Demolition & Asbestos Industry Association.  

We help South East Queensland's professional deconstruction companies get their demo application approved... first time, on time.  






















Legislative requirements  require the permit be held for 5 business days after lodging the application with Council.   The demolition permit is then immediately forwarded to the Applicant so safe and compliant deconstruction can begin (learn more). 


Online portal - save time

Our high volume demolition clients can take control of their building approvals

  • Submit application and arrange payment - streamlined service

  • Check project status  

  • Upload documents directly (certificates, photos) 

  • Quick download of approval and final documents 

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Get your demolition permit started - its quick and easy 

  • Lot and plan details 

  • Site address 

  • Owners authority (template can be provided) 

  • Signed engagement agreement with certification company

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Terms you need to know


RFI: RFI stands for Request for Information, sometimes also called a list of requirements. This document outlines all items required by the certifier to issue an approval.


Asbestos Clearance Certificate: this is a safety compliance document. It states that a thorough inspection was carried out on a building / structure that has undergone asbestos removal. Declares the area safe to be occupied. The inspection must be carried out by an A class asbestos assessor, entirely independent from the company in charge of the removal process. 


Form 4: this is a document organised by a plumber. It reports the capping or sealing of the sewer.  


Form 21: the final certificate issued by the certifier to the owner and Council - finalises the building application.

Take the info with you


We're committed to simplifying the certification process. Contractors usually come to us for support to follow their legal obligations.

Save a compliance headache and protect yourself - FAQs and insights on our blog


In the industry?

Resources below to keep your clients informed of the demolition certification process. 

  • 5 tips for a hassle free demolition permit

  • Demolition certification - terms to know

  • First 10 things your certifier checks

  • Demolition brochure 


Or contact us for a printed version. 

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