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Building Approvals & Advice has extensive experience across a broad range of residential certification.


BA&A are private certifiers. We support building designers, architects and custom builders in Brisbane and surrounds. 

Get help with a stress free approval for:

Our experienced team will support you with overcoming any challenges. Partnering with South East Queensland's best construction industry professionals means a quick turnaround for our clients. Support provided with energy reports, BOA applications and recommendations to accessibility, fire, town planning experts (depending on the requirements of each project). For help finalising complex residential projects - ensure a smooth handover by arranging the certifier to meet on site prior to the final inspection.


We can facilitate additional services, as required (eg siting variation / relax applications with council).



BA&A provides CPD events and workshops for industry professionals. We collaborate with the Building Designers Association of Queensland (BDQ), HIA, Timber Queensland, Master Builders QueenslandSpasa and other industry associations. We're passionate about support for the builders, architects and designers in our community. 


Our blog also provides the most up-to-date information on the construction industry - check out our latest article on the Livable Housing.


Save time  and hassle 


Industry professionals love our pre-design search service to identify which codes are relevant for the block.

To enquire about this or other service options to speed your approvals, please contact our team.

New dwellings/ 




Raise / build under


Patios/ pergolas


Granny flats/ secondary dwellings


Its easy to get started
Request your quote here. Or send in your detailed plans to arrange your fee proposal - we look forward to helping!
Documents commonly required in the beginning stages of your Building Approval (BA) 
  • Architectural plans from a QBCC licensed building designer/ architect/ draftsperson

  • Form 15 – Engineering 

  • Engineering plans 

  • QBCC insurance

  • Referral documentation eg siting variation / BOS, BOSW - if applicable, depending on site 

  • Soil test* 

  • Energy report*  

  • QLeave* 

*These documents are generally required for residential building work. However, they may not be required on every project.

Certifiers work closely with the building designer/ architect / project stakeholders such as builder and town planner as required, depending on site specific contexts. A specific list will be provided by the certifier, after assessment.


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"Mitch has been excellent through a job which has had a fair few difficulties before we even started building. The biggest thing for me was the helpful advice he was able to give happily before and during the project. I will definitely request his services in the future and look forward to working with him again."

Terms you need to know


RFI: Request for Information, sometimes also called a list of requirements. This document outlines all items required by the certifier to issue an approval.


Build Over Asset (BOA/ BOS): an approval from Council/ asset owner may be required to build over or near a sewer line, water or infrastructure asset. When assessing project plans, BA&A can determine if this permit is required.


Build Over Stormwater (BOSW):  building over or near stormwater infrastructure may trigger additional applications, which BA&A can facilitate if/ as required. 


Relaxation (or siting variation): this application may be required by Council for building within the boundary setbacks of the property. There are different setback requirements for lots under 450m2 and lots over 450m2 - learn more.


Town planning (DA): seperate to a Building Approval, this requirement may be triggered when the building work does not meet the requirements of the Local Authority planning scheme. 


Form 57: document sent 3 months before the Building Approval lapsing date. The applicant can then decide if the building work/ remaining documentation is likely to be finalised within the remaining time period. If not, a time extension may be arranged.


Form 15: certificate required before the building work can commence and/ or at the completion of final inspection. States that an aspect of building work or a specification will, if / when installed or carried out as stated in the form, comply with the building assessment provisions. Link.



Form 21:  this is the final certificate issued by the certifier to the owner and Council, in order to finalise the building application.


Form 11: this certificate is issued by a building surveyor when the building works have been substantially completed for attached dwellings or commercial to confirm it was constructed as per the building approval. Link. 


Form 43 -  (previously the F16) confirms the aspect work (termite, glass barriers, installation of roof sheeting etc) complies with the building approval. QBCC Licensees will provide this to builders once work is completed. More here 

Take the info with you


We're committed to simplifying the certification process. For more support to follow your legal obligations... FAQs and insights on our blog


In the industry?

Resources below to keep your clients informed of the residential certification process. 

  • Building certification - terms to know

  • First 10 things your certifier checks

  • Residential brochure 


Or contact us for a printed version. 

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