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Clarity + confidence = success (from the first client meeting)

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

Customised compliance advice... when it benefits you most

Supporting Queensland’s best

BA&A is fortunate to work with Queensland's best designers, builders and architects. It's amazing to see our clients build safe and compliant residential projects and pools. Our clients help homeowners transform ideas, plans and creative vision into spectacular projects, safe and suitable for their occupants.

certification process trust and support

Complex constraints and ever-changing legal obligations... we’ve got your back!

We partner with experienced professionals. When we check plans for compliance, our clients invariably have it right already... but love the peace of mind they enjoy after a double check. Our experienced (and unashamedly detail orientated!) certifiers can identify any challenges early.

Certifiers cross check all key items from the NCC. BA&A's teamwork approach supports you to ensure your project meets compliance standards. There are aspects that may be missed including:

  • Internal to external steps

  • Balustrade heights on a tiled surface

  • Domed concrete footings

We flag any issues so that our clients can deliver on-time projects. In turn, they enjoy credit from their clients, who can enjoy their pool/ home/ renovations safely (when the celebratory drinks are poured, everyone can lean on the balustrade with confidence!)

Should expert input be required, BA&A can help by facilitating additional services or recommend experts like town planners, engineers and energy consultants.

Let us support you to bring projects together... with clients thrilled and all stakeholders satisfied!

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