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Get your Form 17, stress free. Building Approvals and Advice (BA&A) specialises in residential pool / spa certification for the wider Brisbane area.

Support with pool barrier / fencing, so you can meet the requirements of QDC MP 3.4

Our pool team understands the importance of a quick turn-around. We ensure your pool and pool barrier certification runs as smoothly and quickly as possible. Our clients love the problem solving approach and professionalism of our award-winning team. Extensive experience over a vast range of pool projects means we can help you support pool owners and overcome any challenges. Pool approvals are valid for 12 months.


Need your pool project delivered on time, safe and compliant?

Check out our tips and requirements for pool approvals. 

Pool builders, take control of your building approvals with our online portal and pre design search service and digital options.

BA&A's innovative technology means pool builders get faster approvals and high quality service

  • Submit an application via this online form (allowing us to begin searches/ invoice right away) 

  • Check on project status, whenever it suits you

  • Upload documents (certificates, photos) 

  • Download approval and final documents direct 


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Expert advice for pool barrier approvals and safe pool fencing.

More insights and support for swimming pool projects here on our blog.

Get started - residential pool certification

Email us  for your fee proposal - its easy to begin! Attach any of these documents that you have available.

  • Site plan with pool fencing details  

  • Form 15 – Engineering 

  • Engineering plans 

  • QBCC insurance

Click here for Build over Infrastructure information - Queensland 

Plunge pool, pre cast pool or shipping container pool?

BA&A provides plunge pool certification and pool fence approvals. More here 


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"We really appreciated the quick responses and support provided by Gaynor in answering our many questions as a first-time pool builder! Easy to reach out to via phone or email. Thanks very much"

Terms you need to know


RFI: The Request for Information is a list of requirements. This document outlines all items required by the certifier to issue an approval.


Build Over Sewer (BOS): an approval from Council is required  to build over or near a sewer line. During assessment, BA&A can determine if a BOS permit is required. 


Build Over Stormwater (BOSW): an approval from Council is required to build over or near stormwater infrastructure.


Relaxation (or Siting Variation): a relaxation approval from Council may be required if you are building within the boundary setbacks of your property. There are different setback requirements for lots under 450m2 and lots over 450m2 


Town planning (DA): town planning may be required when the building work does not meet the requirements of the Local Authority planning scheme


Form 15: this is a certificate required before the building works can commence to certify that the design is compliant with the relevant regulations.


Form 16: this is a certificate required at the completion of building works to certify that the installation or inspection of a stage or aspect is compliant with the relevant regulations.


Form 17: this is the final certificate issued, specifically for pools, by the certifier to the owner and Council in order to finalise the building application.

Take the info with you

Homeowners, ensure your pool complies. Check out this QBCC resource and the Brisbane City Council website to have a better understanding of the pool fencing and safety regulations. Pool Safety resources for Queensland here.

Resources below to keep your clients informed of the pool certification process. 

  • Pool brochure 

  • 5 tips for a hassle free pool approval

  • Homeowners handout

  • Building certification - terms to know

  • First 10 things your certifier checks


Or contact us for a printed version. 

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Get in touch! The BA&A pool team looks forward to helping.

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