Roofing contractors, our experienced certifiers can support you to meet the legal requirements for re-roofing projects. We partner with engineers to get your re-roofing certification sorted quickly, so you avoid a headache down the line.

In 2017, the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) clarified the building regulations regarding re-roofing work.

Building approval is required when the repair work involves more than 20% of the roof system.


BA&A specialises in re-roofing for insurance projects.

Get in touch so we can help you have commonly requested documents like the Form 21 and decision notice ready to hand over as proof of compliance


At BA&A, our high turnover re-roofing clients can take control of their building approvals.


Save time and hassle with the BA&A online portal: 

  • Submit your own application (allowing us to invoice right away) 

  • Check on project status  

  • Upload documents quickly (certificates, photos) 

  • Download your approval and final documents 

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Its easy to get your re roof approval started

Email to arrange a quick fee proposal 

  • Site plan 

  • Form 15 – Engineering 

  • Engineering plans 

  • QBCC insurance (residential re-roofing only)




"A seamless process. It's good that BA&A never need to be chased - they deliver a quick turnaround"

CP Cowie Builders

Terms to know


RFI: RFI stands for Request for Information, sometimes also called a list of requirements. This document outlines all items required by the certifier to issue an approval.


Form 15: this is a certificate required before the building works can commence to certify that the design is compliant with the relevant regulations.


Form 16: this is a certificate required at the completion of building works to certify that the installation or inspection of a stage or aspect is compliant with the relevant regulations.


Form 11: this certificate is issued by a building surveyor when the building works have been substantially completed for attached dwellings or commercial to confirm it was constructed as per the building approval.


Form 21: this is the final certificate issued by the certifier to the owner and Council in order to finalise the building application.

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We're committed to simplifying the certification process. Contractors usually come to us for support to follow their legal obligations...

Save a compliance headache and protect yourself - FAQs and insights on our blog


In the industry?

Resources below to keep your clients informed of the re-roofing certification process. ​

  • Building certification - terms to know

  • Re-roofing brochure

  • 5 tips for a hassle free re-roofing approval


Or contact us for a printed version.