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Re roofing approvals- what to expect

Process information that roofing contractors and builders need to know (to save time and hassle)

Collaborate with professionals, so any challenges are overcome early

Re roofing projects can vary in complexity, so working closely with your engineer from the start in turn ensures a smooth building approval. Engineering and certification processes relate to the whole structure (not just the roof system.)

  1. Site and engineering plans are required to get the approvals process started.

  2. Once the building approval is issued, re roofing work can begin.

  3. When the construction is complete, schedule the final inspection (certifier).

  4. Once all documentation is received, a Form 21 can be issued to finalise the project.

BA&A is proud to partner with stakeholders and contractors

  • to help safe building work get started quickly

  • to provide required documents so that insurance claims can progress smoothly.

Know your legal obligations for residential re-roof jobs

Download this handout for more information about re roofing projects in Queensland, and know when a building approval is required.

Re roof handout for contractors_Aug 22
Download PDF • 177KB

  • More information about delivering safe and compliant re roofing projects here.

  • Access page 31 of the QBCC Standards and Tolerance Guide here.

For solutions and resources to support with the effective installation of roof flashing systems, access QBCC's fact sheet.

Homeowners: BA&A have worked with storm affected residents from the Gold Coast to Gympie - all grateful to their roofers for helping protect the safety and resale value of their home.

Hail damage causes (expensive!) issues like leaks and rust and corrosion in the long term. Our clients are often engaged by insurance companies to come to the roofing rescue. We support roofing contractors to meet their administrative requirements as described by the QBCC

When roofing works involve the replacement of more than 20 per cent of the existing roof area, a Building Approval is required. The building approval may be obtained by either the roofing contractor or the property owner.

Get support from the early stages - chat with a certification expert

BA&A are proud members of MRIAQ. We can help with projects in Brisbane and surrounding areas.

Advice on

- further project-specific clarification

- recommended contacts for expert engineers

- site-specific quote(s) for your next re roof project

Ensure safe and compliant re-roofing projects in 2023.

Speak with Michael Tyrrell and the B&A team- 07 3265 4114 or request your free quote here.


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