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What Brisbane's professional pool builders are asking about

Updated: May 8

Approvals and pool fence safety -residential projects

1. Why does logging the owner’s contact details matter?

Builders provide the certifier owner’s details within 10 days of engaging – as per the Building Act which outlines obligations for builders and certifiers. - more from HIA here. Building Approvals and Advice have a quick online form to speed project engagement for pool builders, streamline communication and ensure mandatory requirements are met. Download info here.

Pool Builders digital engagement and process info June21
Download PDF • 1.50MB

2. What’s required when infrastructure/ services are on site?

  • You can save time and simplify your pool approval by knowing the requirements of QDC MP 1.4 apply – more in our Build over Asset (BOA) blog summary. If the pipe is less than the diameters indicated below, speak with your engineer to see if it may comply with QDC MP 1.4 1.4 - A1 (1)b

- if a sewer pipe diameter is no more than 225mm (and not a pressure pipeline)

- if a stormwater pipe diameter is not more than 375mm (and not a pressure pipeline)

  • For site specific QUU sewer info, search on the website or for Unity water - check here.

  • Build over infrastructure - QDC MP 1.4 information update here

  • For infrastructure mapping (pipe sizes / locations etc)

    • QUU search tool on the website - BCC, Ipswich, Lockyer Valley, Scenic Rim and Somerset

    • Unity Water - check here-most of MBRC and Sunshine Coast

    • Gold Coast infrastructure mapping - check here

infographic building approval for pools and site plan requirements

3. What happens if the Pool Barrier Inspection is unsatisfactory?

Safe swimming pool barrier requirements are specified in QDC MP3.4.

If there are next steps for compliance identified at the inspection, a Form 61 is issued and BA&A will outline the window of time to provide required documents/ evidence of rectification.

- Should longer be required, a new inspection can be booked.

- All rectification work needs to be carried

out prior to filling the pool with more than 300mm of water.

4. What are the temporary fence requirements?

Ensure a successful outcome to a temp fence inspection

- dedicated pool fencing in place

- create compliant gate for access

- arrange for temporary fence to be reinspected every three months.

The pool may be filled once the fence is approved (Form 16)

5. What’s required for pool backwash?

More at the QUU website and Unity Water guide.

Owners in the Logan area are responsible for arranging an approval for a backwash connection when the pool uses a sand/ aggregate filter system.

Pools for new dwellings are exempt (included in the plumbing approval)

Learn more on the Logan City Council website or access the form here.

Hassle free swimming pool / barrier final inspections

Top 10 tips for compliant pool fencing

  1. Display a compliant CPR sign

  2. Check gaps under fences.

  3. Remove climbable objects in fence area

  4. Install self-closing gates

  5. Gap between glass gate and adjoining panel at latch – no greater than 10mm.

  6. Gate latch height:1500mm above ground and 1400mm above bottom fence rail

  7. Remove tree/shrub branches capable of holding 25kg (considered climbable)

  8. Gaps between vertical members - no greater than 100mm

  9. Ensure additional clear area on outside of pool fence

  10. Windows into pool area screened or restricted to 100mm openings

Arrange a stress free swimming pool approval

pool approvals benefits infographic

BA&As dedicated pool team and experienced pool barrier certifiers are here to help – please get in touch to hear how we can help high volume builders.

Arrange a fee proposal - send your site plan/ engineering plans to


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