How to save time....when your approval involves a Build Over Sewer (BOS) or infrastructure pipe.

Updated: Oct 13, 2021

Building over an Asset (BOA) - does your project include building works or a pool on or near a sewer or stormwater pipe?

According to the legislation - QDC MP 1.4, relevant infrastructure means

“a sewer operated by or for a sewerage service provider

a water main operated by or for a water service provider;

a stormwater drain operated by or for a local government;

a combined sanitary drain.

Note— Relevant infrastructure ceases at the connection point.”

Save time (and keep your certification simple!)

  1. Add detail to plans - pipe/ sewer connections and the distance/ location from work, pipe diameters

  2. Keep the legislation link on your desktop- so you know what's required and when MP1.4 applies

  3. Ensure your pool / building work documentation is in order.

  4. Let BA&A know in initial communication if you require a BOA/ BOS facilitation fee included in your fee proposal.

The build over infrastructure process - building approvals

Your engineer works from the surveyor’s information, looking at

  • drill down report information

  • pipe details

  • location of assets on site

Title search details and/ or CCTV footage of the asset(s) in question may also be required. Then the engineer signs off regarding QDC MP 1.4, if compliant.

The certifier can facilitate further assessment and lodgement once the engineer’s Form 15 is received.

Each project is unique so times may vary.... allow roughly twenty days for the asset owner/ council to assess the plans.

Clear zone requirements according to QDC MP 1.4.

Brisbane City Council or Morton Bay Regional Council project with a B.O.A?

· Urban utilities - infrastructure information here

· Unity Water – download guidelines here or search tool here.