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Five tips pool builders need to know - to deliver safe projects, on time.

Updated: Apr 4

Get digging quicker, and F17s sorted you can concentrate on winning new work.

  • Pool gates must be self-closing and self-latching. Gates must open away from the pool area.

  • The minimum height of the fence from finished ground level to the top of the barrier is 1200mm.

  • Climbable objects, that reduce the effective height of the fence and are within the additional clear area, are non-compliant.

  • The maximum allowable gap underneath the fence is 100mm.

  • Windows into the pool area may be required to be screened or restricted to 100mm openings (if the sill of the window is less than 1800mm to ground level in the pool).

More QDC MP 4.5 FAQs answered in the QBCC's video webinar

2. Get started with new projects, quicker

Support and tailored advice to save time as suits you- call BA&A's specialist pool team on 3265 4114. Ask about our quick online form, as below.

To keep approvals quick and smooth, depending on the requirements of your project - let us know in the initial email/ via online engagement form (JotForm) notes if you wish to include a particular services or additional approvals (such as pool house structures, retaining walls).

Pool Builders info 2022 online engagement
Download PDF • 1.26MB

Brisbane pool approvals simplified process image

BA&A can support with referrals and help to overcome site challenges.

  • DA required - occasionally if/ when a pool / deck triggers town planning (biodiversity, heritage, operational works etc) we can support to investigate overlays and options. For example, when 1m out of the ground at any point, pools in BCC Traditional Building Character areas are assessable and may require Town Planning. More info (and broader insights into overlays and suburb profiles for BCC residential projects) online at Brisbane Town Planning.

  • Siting Variation (relax)- required whenever a reduced setback is sought under QDC MP 1.2. May be facilitated by BA&A. Learn more

  • BOA (Build over Asset eg water / sewer)/ BOSW (Build over Stormwater) - cross-check with asset owner/ engineer after locating assets on site. Detail on plans. When building work is near/over infrastructure (within 3m), if required under QDC MP 1.4, these application(s) may be assessed/ facilitated by BA&A. More here

pool approvals overcoming challenges infographic

BA&A_Pool Fact sheet_trigger info for builders
Download PDF • 343KB

3. Pool/ barrier- final inspection

Arrange this once

  • compliant fencing is in place

  • the pool is finished (with backwash connected to the legal point of discharge)

💡 Looking for more detail on pool barrier measurements, structures in the pool area, and signage required?

...or read more here about equipotential bonding work.

📨Rectification photos should be provided in the first month

📋 Send further evidence of rectification(s) within 3 months from final inspection date. Otherwise, a non compliance notice/ Form 61 must be issued to council. Triggers the need for a mandatory re-inspection.

✔️When the Form 16 / Form 17 certificate is issued by the certifier, the pool can be filled.

4. Ensure compliant CPR sign is in place

Prior to Final Inspection - must be displayed near the pool or attached to the pool fence

  • shows how to perform CPR

  • attached to the pool safety fence, or displayed near the pool

  • easily visible to a person near the pool

  • at least 300mm by 300mm

  • made of durable and weatherproof material

  • includes a statement explaining how to act in an emergency

  • complies with Australian Resuscitation Council's resuscitation guidelines.

Legislation online.

5. Provide information and resources. Ensure new pool owners are supported to safely maintain their new pool.

More info from the State Government here and on our dedicated blog for owners here.

💬 The surface beneath a pool fence must be solid, and pool fence must be at least 1200mm above finished ground level.


For pool builders looking at saving time with administration towards the end of a project- download this handout and know where to find certificates required information.

BA&A_Handout_know what is required to finalise pool projects
Download PDF • 16.07MB


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