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Building a new pool: how to make sure your pool / barrier is approved first time, on time.

Updated: May 18

Tips owners need to know to ensure a streamlined pool / pool fence approval.

The dedicated BA&A pools team is passionate about compliant barriers and safer pools in Brisbane and surrounds. As award-winning private certifiers with a specialty for pool approvals, we work together with builders. BA&A also helps pool owners, so you can avoid delays and hassles during the certification process.

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New pool owners - enjoy the peace of mind that comes from ensuring the pool area is safe and compliant.

Owners report that the QBCC website outline of requirements is a helpful starting point. For a broad overview/ pamphlet to print out, start with the QBCC guide to pool safety for homeowners.

Depending on the details of your contract, either you or the pool builder could be responsible for pool fencing installation. If, as the owner, you are responsible (or if you have engaged a separate contractor to oversee this aspect) please get in touch with us to book your final inspection, prior to filling the pool.

1. Compliant design and installation is crucial

In Queensland, there are layers of legislation to support pool safety, starting with the QDC MP 3.4 pool safety standard. Ultimate responsibility lies with the homeowner.

Legislative requirements for Queensland: swimming pool barriers. QDC MP 3.4 is available online

2. Know your responsibilities and ensure a successful final inspection.

Fill pool only when your Form 16/Form 17 is issued. This occurs after all documentation has been received, following the certifier's inspection. A temporary fence inspection can be arranged if/ as required - call the office on 3265 4114 to discuss the process as fits your project.

The certifiers request that compliant CPR sign is attached ready for the final inspection - for support, view related QBCC guide here.

3. Clarify pool owner responsibilities upon project handover

Ongoing maintenance is required. Online resources from the State Government and QBCC (plus resources from your regional council) are helpful.

  • Check before changing adjacent structures – surrounding objects such as windows and household structures can impede pool safety.

  • Gates and safety barrier heights can vary over time – check regularly.

Contact Building Approvals and Advice (BA&A) if we can clarify further.

Need site specific advice? Chat to your pool builder if they are overseeing the installation of the pool fence/ barrier. Or, if your contract stipulates that as owners you are facilitating this aspect of the pool project, call 3265 4114 or email for expert advice and support.

Ten tips for pool owners in Brisbane and surrounds - compliant pool barriers

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