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Your Building Approval (BA)

Updated: May 16

The background behind the certifier's stamp

Safe, compliant building work

Certifiers act in the public interest, to help ensure the requirements of the National Construction Code (NCC), Queensland development Code (QDC) and Australian Standards are met.

What is the NCC?

The BA process - Learn more

The certifier works together with project stakeholders to facilitate the building approval application with council (more info from QBCC) . Once approval is obtained, building work can begin.

The approval process concludes following the final inspection and collation of certificates at the completion of the build. Then homeowners can enjoy peace of mind, knowing their home /pool is safe and compliant.

BA&A are private certifiers. We specialise in Class 1a and Class 10 building approvals in Brisbane (BCC) and surrounding regional councils. Find out about classes and building classification here

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Plan requirements - getting started with certification - residential projects
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The chart below outlines the general steps and inspections through the building approval application.

Validity period

At Building Approvals and Advice, the building approval is valid for 12 months. For demolition work, the approval lapses after 6 months. If the building work is not completed before the lapsing date, an extension of time may be granted. BA&A works together with project stakeholders to support finalisation.

Collating project documentation to send to the certifier

The approval document outlines paperwork that is likely to be required as the building work progresses. Thanks for providing required forms via We'll update your file then provide a project specific list of required documentation, soon after the final inspection is complete. The final certificate will be issued once all required documents are received.

infographic documentation required list- residential BA

Booking your final inspection?

The engineer facilitates any required inspections as building work progresses, then once building work is complete, contact BA&A. The certifier's final inspection can be arranged and final documentation collated. Email or call 07 3265 4114.

Once the inspection has been completed, the certifier will issue the Inspection Report. We will then issue a final list of certificates required to finalise the building application. Certificates required are to be completed either on a Form 12, Form 15, Form 16 or Form 43 as conditioned in the building approval.

More time required?

An extension of time (EoT) may be available. This is usually quick and easy for the applicant / builder to arrange. Get in touch with the office to update your certifier.

Discover how a DA differs from a BA

BTP town planning explainer video for homeowners

Want more information about your Queensland Building Approval (BA)?

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