Demo contractors, feeling the need for speed?

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Experience the BA&A team work approach for quick turnarounds and clarity around complex demos.

People generally come to us when…

  • They are worried about meeting their legislative obligations

  • They are finding it difficult to deal with their current certifier, they want a more professional and streamlined service

  • They need a quick and easy demolition approval so they can get on with work and win more projects.

Got your owners authority and scaled / detailed plans ready to go? Avoid an approval headache - get your demolition permit ASAP so work can commence.

inforgaphic top tips quick approvals and certification demolition
Demolition certification tips from BA&A- certification experts for Brisbane and surrounds

Our experienced team can undertake the searches necessary and liaise with council to streamline approvals for your demo project – from quote to completion. We support Queensland's industry leaders for certification with the Brisbane CIty Council and surrounds.

  • Residential buildings / structures

  • Swimming pools / spas

  • Temporary structures

  • Site offices and relocatable / transportable buildings

QBCC contractor licence is not required when demolishing / removing an entire house or structure only. However it is required, when the demolition is carried out as part of erection, construction, renovation, alteration, extension, improvement or repair of a building.

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Need to save time? Prefer greater control over your demolition permits?

BA&A high turnover demo clients find our portal useful

  • Submission of application via an online portal –your job set up and ready to roll

  • Transparency and instant access to project status – no more phone calls for updates- you