NCC 2022 : what building designers and architects are doing now (to make life easier in September).

Updated: Jun 9

3 next steps - now preview documents are released.

1. Download and review documents from the ABCB website. Know the details that may be required for plans. Significant changes may affect your future projects.

Builders - be aware that materials allowable and plan details may change.


Bathrooms :

- minimium size - room and doors

- waterproofing standard changes

- floor waste fall

- ply or extra noggs

- toilet location

Access to dwelling:

- step free threshold details

- pathway to the house

- minimium doorway widths

2. Note the new structure and how different documents work together. For example, access information can be found in both the Livable Housing Standard and NCC Vol 2 preview document.

  • Ctrl +F to find new location of clauses you may know well already from NCC 2019 version. See right hand margins to easily cross reference / spot new additions.

  • See support video from ABCB.

  • Download our handout for a breakdown of the updated Section - Part - Type - Clause structure.

NCC Preview - SPTC structure example
Download PDF • 183KB

3. Consider project timelines. If applicable, lock in for assessment under NCC 2019 by engaging the certifier before September 2022.

Sharing info with your team?

NCC 2022 CPD handout_draft 1
Download PDF • 213KB

For HIA's take on compliance options for masonry construction, more here.

Alternate compliance options for waterproofing - info from HIA here

Looking for related CPD?

  • ABCB's NCC 2022 seminars will be run in-person and online - more here.

FAQ- access requirements in NCC 2022

For projects with sloping blocks, small lots etc, wondering if all houses are required to comply? Will it apply to additions & renovations?

BA&A certifiers are keen to help support our clients- for more information, please contact us.