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NCC 2022 : what building designers, architects and builders need to know...

Updated: May 28 make future projects easier.

Stay up to date with new developments. Additional regulatory frameworks apply to BA assessments from 1st May, 2023.

1. Modern Homes Standards will be introduced in two phases.

  • Livable dwellings and grading to floor wastes: new Queensland Development Code MP 4.5 apply to Class 1a projects engaged from 1st October 2023.

  • Energy efficiency standards QDC MP 4.1 – Sustainable buildings (Version 1.15), published on 19 September 2023, commences on 1 May 2024.

2. Access NCC 2022 here (free, no login required).

You can access (or download PDF versions) of the 3 NCC Volumes and the ABCB standards from the website. Printed copies of NCC 2022 can be purchased from commercial providers.

🗸 Devise a plan of attack!

- Click here for recently updated resources and new FAQs from ABCB

- For Queensland's transitional arrangements access guideline materials here

- Support available via the new ABCB handbooks

Q: What to do for projects on hold / awaiting DA? A: Speak with your certifier. Discuss timings and options unique to each project and devise the best way forward. There is a guideline for transitional arrangements that outlines how Section 37 of the Building Act 1975 may apply.

Q: After the project is engaged for BA, can we change the plans? A: Minor changes for the initially submitted plans will be acceptable. If there is a full re-design, as per the government guidelines (Section 37(1) (d) updated plans must be made in accordance to the new legislation. Q: What exemptions may apply? A: For affected projects engaged for BA after October 1st 2023, use the free online legislation to decide– no login required.

  • Access QDC MP 4.5 - the exemptions mean the work is exempt from Livable Housing Design Standards (LHDS).

Excerpt from p6 of the QDC MP 4.5 document.

"Ending 31st March 2025, the livable housing design provisions in Part H8 of the BCA (NCC, Volume 2) and P1 to P4 and A1 to A4 in Chapter 2.1 do not apply to the lawful carrying out of building work and assessment of a building development application for building work for: a) an affected dwelling b) a class 1a building that is located or is to be located on an affected lot"
  • Read also NCC Volume 2 section H (for housing!) for clauses that outline exemptions from the Livable Housing Provisions.

Upskilling with your team? Schedule a call or CPD workshop / toolbox talk- its complementary.

Example: notes from a CPD workshop summary with BDQ outline the next steps design professionals are taking to adapt to the new code.

BDQ Webinar_18 april summary draft one
Download PDF • 69KB


Detailed design to QDC MP 4.5 / NCC 2022 / Livable Housing Design Standard

Compliance identified on plans

Part 1- dwelling access

1.1 Step-free access path

1.2 Parking space

Part 2 – dwelling entrance

2.1 Clear opening width

2.2 Threshold

2.3 Landing

2.4 Weatherproofing for external step-free entrance

Part 3- internal doors/ corridors

3.1 Clear opening width

3.2 Threshold

3.3 Corridor width

Part 4- sanitary compartment

4.1 Location

4.2 Circulation space

Part 5- shower

5.1 Application

5.2 Hobless and step-free entry

Part 6- reinforcement of bathroom and sanitary compartment walls

6.1 Location

6.2 Construction

Where to start

1. Access, download and review documents from the Business Queensland and ABCB website. Know the new details that may be required for plans. Significant changes may affect future projects.

  • From ABCB you can download pdfs

  • Login longer required, documents are searchable - Ctrl+F

Download PDF • 6.06MB

2. Note the new structure and how different documents work together.

Start with NCC Vol 2 / QDC MP 4.5 which are used together.

For example, step free access information is located in QDC MP 4.5 and NCC Vol 2 and then additional details can be found in the Livable Housing Standard

Download our handout for a breakdown of the updated Section - Part - Type - Clause structure.

NCC Preview - SPTC structure example
Download PDF • 183KB

Ctrl +F to find new location of clauses you may know well already from NCC 2019 version. See right hand margins to easily cross reference / spot new additions. Cross check clauses that may apply to new projects.

Go to the Queensland Modern Homes website for more information.

Sharing info with your clients and team?

Recommended Resources

Read more about waterproofing/ wet area requirements in this dedicated blog.

Builders - be aware that materials allowable and plan details may change.

For example:

Access to dwelling:

- step free threshold details

- pathway to the house

- minimum doorway widths

Bathrooms :

- minimium size - room and doors

- waterproofing standard changes

- floor waste fall

- ply or extra noggs

- toilet location

More Queensland requirements- see QDC MP 4.5

Surviving the implementation of the new code from Oct 1st 2023

The majority of 1a projects, including most extensions, renovations, raise / build in under, new dwellings will be impacted.

1. Read QDC MP 4.5 line by line to understand requirements. Bookmark to your PC for easy access and use with new projects. There are exemptions, such as for blocks with 12.5m street frontage or under, and for minor repairs.

Apply legislation layers, cross checking requirements throughout the process - start from QDC MP 4.5 to apply exemption criteria. More in the this Master Builders checklist. See page 18 of the Livable Housing Design Standard for further information about location of noggings for shower walls.

2. Communicate proactively via the plans, addressing challenges early. For example, have a livable housing design guide page with all documentation clear and concise. This might include step free entry, corridors, door widths and circulation spaces so plans can be clearly checked against the code.

Summary handout_Livable Housing
Download PDF • 2.22MB

QDC MP 4.5 infographic

A quick review of plans or discussion with a certifiers early on may save time/ expense. get in touch with BA&A here.


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