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Energy efficiency requirements and your Building Approval (BA)- from May 1st, 2024.

Updated: 19 minutes ago

Queensland's Modern Home legislative updates and NCC 2022 requirements.

Building designers, architects and custom builders are considering how residential energy efficiency standards effect projects engaged for Building approval from May 1st 2024 onwards. Legislation is free to view online, no login required. Newsflash from State government here FYI

Avoid complications down the line: the energy efficiency report (supplied by your external consultant) may trigger changes to plans

✅Read more about the whole of home assessment rating.

✅Consider compliance options - view the current version of QDC MP 4.1 version 1.15

✅Apply state legislation alongside ABCB's NCC 2022 Energy Efficiency requirements.

For residential (Class 1a) new dwelling and renovation/ alteration and addition projects, certifiers recommend energy consultants are engaged early.  Begin discussions prior to the plan design / development phase and before signing fixed contracts with clients.

Let us know if we can share BA&A contacts for energy assessors as Form 15s and energy reports are being prepared. The knowledgeable and personable energy assessors we work with have supported many clients to successfully apply energy efficiency requirements that suit Brisbane residential designs.

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Delivering new pool projects?

Swimming pool and spa pump are included in a whole of home assessment.

Pool Cover

As per NCC 2022 13.7.8 (2) where an outdoor pool includes a heat pump / gas heater, a compliant pool cover must be used.

Supporting your team to design/ construct to the code?


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