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Access - all areas... and classes

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Designing a building in Queensland and looking to ensure it is suitable for all users?

Looking to meet the updated legislative obligations?

BA&A were lucky to attend BDAQ's session with Access expert Francis Lenny of DDA consult.

Mr Lenny invited clarifications from designers and architects, discussing:

  • the hierarchy of client requirements, council, state and federal requirements and which legislation applies to each type of project.        

  • the practical application of standards

  • who to communicate with and when 

Copyright - F. Lenny - excerpt from presentation - please get in touch for full notes at

Copyright - F. Lenny - excerpt from presentation - please get in touch for full notes at

intro slide of access CPD session Francis Lenny
Michael Tyrrell introduces Francis Lenny, May 2019

Hoping to build an understanding of accessibility in the residential sector?

Be across timelines and industry developments from the ABCB by checking out this online information. Refresh your jargon know how, definitions and compliance requirements with a read through the HIA accessibility in residential buildings policy (though it was last updated in 2018 and may be set for a refresh). The livable housing design guidelines for residential projects is available here.

Francis Lenny can be contacted at and Donna from Allegion can address your door hardware scheduling queries on 3442 8610.

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