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Bespoke outdoor spaces - workshop insights

Updated: Jan 15, 2020

Many thanks to Alistair Hutton and the Everscapes / Infinity Pool builders team.

Here's a roundup of the tips, tricks and trends suited to Brisbane's discerning pool and landscape clients.

The Everscapes IN list

  1. Infinity pools and reflection pools – Alistair Hutton shared information on how to meet challenges with correct balance tank design and ratios.

  2. Freshwater pools that attract bird life and may require less upkeep.

  3. Natural stone mosaics and raised, curved concrete walls.

  4. Timber that greys / weathers with the space.

  5. Features that help frame a view, seating that allows users to engage with and enjoy their surrounding.

Check out Everscapes social media to see examples or above for a time lapse of the crazy pave technique mentioned.


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