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Request for Information – RFI

Information that helps assess each unique project

We are committed to a professional and quick assessment process. After the initial assessment stage, BA&A will request further documentation as required so your approval moves forward. Some of the typical documentation that can be required for an approval is listed below. Please note that these are examples only, and each job is unique in its requirements.

  • Soil test

  • Engineering drawings

  • Engineering Form 15

  • Energy Report

  • Energy Form 15

  • NCC Assessment

  • Build Over Sewer approval

  • Build Over Stormwater  approval

  • Noise report

  • Flood study

  • QBCC insurance/ bushfire report

  • QLeave (portable long service leave)

  • Town Planning

  • Siting variation

After documentation is collated and assessed, BA&A will be in touch to let you know that your approval is lodged with council.

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