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Smoke alarms - compliance for residential projects

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

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To meet your legislative requirements, all smoke alarms need to comply with NCC Vol 2 2019 Fire safety - Part 3.7.5.

For new Class 1 buildings (and or Class 10a private garage above/ below the Class 1 building) smoke alarms will be required

- Photoelectric, hardwired and powered by the mains source

- interconnected when there is more than one alarm

- both in and outside of the bedrooms.

Building designers and architects, the updated NCC reference is 3.7.5.

Both the NCC guidelines and building regulations apply.

  • The building regulation legislation for Queensland outlines installation specifications.

  • QBCC provides updates around conforming products.

  • HIA has summarised updated NCC 2019 changes and related separating wall / smoke alarm information here.

Builders, in Queensland, significant renovation projects must include hard wired smoke alarms (see NCC 2019).

This Master Electricians blog summarises requirements, see especially the excerpt below

“Since 1st January 2017, all homes approved for construction or substantially renovated are required to have additional alarms fitted to each bedroom and interconnected throughout the entire house…”

Full resource from Master Electricians Australia here.

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