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What does a certifier actually do?

Updated: May 5

The certifier supports builders, designers, architects and their clients to ensure safety and compliance from the initial stages of each project.

Construction professionals rely on their certifier to help to navigate Queensland’s legislative regulations. This ensures building work meets Australian Standards and local, state and national requirements.

Check out the video below for an outline of:

  • BA&A - our team and services

  • Common jargon - be in the know when discussing your project

  • The certifier's role

  • Timelines for residential building approvals

BA&A is committed to teamwork to help simplify certification for residential projects.

The approvals process, though unique for each project, usually reflects the following stages (for demolition permits, the process is slightly different).

Projects can be complex. Save time and avoid frustration by communicating with your builder, designer, architect and certifier early in the process.

To ask questions specific to the approvals for your project, please get in touch.


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