A guide to plunge / pre cast pool approvals

How to simplify certification for projects with a plunge pool in Queensland

Smaller pools for flexible backyard options and quick project delivery are an industry trend in 2021. Building Approvals and Advice (BA&A) support construction industry professionals and homeowners via our speciality with approvals for quality residential builds and concrete / fibreglass pool certification. An increase in plunge pool enquiries and additions to projects has highlighted our opportunity to help ensure pre cast and plunge pools are delivered, safely.

Meeting the mandatory requirements, no speedbumps!

Plunge pools and spas can be filled once a satisfactory fence inspection and a Form 16 has been issued (more here). If a Build Over Asset (BOA) application or siting variation (relax) applies to your plunge pool project, this can be facilitated by BA&A as you require. The QUU asset map can be a timesaver for detailing pipe size and location of nearby Sewers/ stormwater infrastructure (or for Unity Water - check here).

Complaint safety barriers are essential. A retaining wall can be used as part of swimming pool fencing, so long as it complies with the requirements of QDC MP3.4 and AS1926.1.

Getting started

Its easy to get started on your plunge pool/ pre cast pool approval. Our experienced and friendly pool team can ensure the quick turnarounds you need to deliver your project on time. Just email the plans to info@buildingaaa.com.au and we'll get started on your site specific fee proposal.

More info

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