Building Regulations 2021- advice you can build on

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BA&A certifiers are keen to support builders and collaborate with construction industry professionals ... so we can all meet updated legislative requirements.

Queensland Building Regulation changes effective from September 1st, 2021 explained here. View updated forms here.

Recent Building Regulation updates may mean some changes to forms submitted. Learn more - QBCC summary here.

Each construction stage is required to be completed before commencing the next stage.

  1. The new form format applies to projects engaged from September 1st 2021, or if the form is being signed/ dated after September 1st 2021.

  2. For forms issued prior to September 1st 2021, the older certificate templates may apply. The Form 16 (version 5 - July 2017) remains valid.

NB: the new form 16 (version 1 - September 2021) can only be used by a certifier/ RPEQ.

construction forms QLD what to send the certifier

Form 21s and Form 17s - finalise your project faster

As each stage of the building works is complete, please ensure the relevant updated building forms are provided to the certifier so the project can progress to the next stage. Emailing through to gets your project rolling quickest.

Not sure which documents to send to your certifier, and when?

Refer back to the details/ conditions provided in the certificates required list (usually found on page 3 / 4 of the Approval Package emailed by BA&A). This preliminary list outlines documentation required to be submitted at each stage, and by whom. Occasionally, in certain circumstances additional certificates may be required later eg following the final inspection.

Builders - supporting your contractors?

The link is here for the new F43 - online at the gov website. This form (previously the F16) confirms the aspect work (termite, glass barriers, installation of roof sheeting etc) complies with the building approval. QBCC Licensees will provide to builders once work is completed. Other forms online here.

Builders and engineers, our team has drafted this initial guide to help represent the forms and processes required for each construction stage - sharing a copy FYI (in case it helps clarify for your team, too!)

BR21 stages and certificates revised edition Oct 21
Download PDF • 652KB

We're keen to help you deliver safe building works, on you can get paid and move on to the next project.

Builders can refer to the details/ conditions provided in the projects "certificates required" list, provided by BA&A in the Approval Package. This preliminary list outlines documentation required to be submitted at each stage, and by whom (though additional certificates may be identified and required under certain circumstances).

Ensuring smooth building approvals for your new projects?

Encourage homeowners to begin with a site survey - especially when building work is on a small lot/ on or near the boundary. Or add in to your quote accordingly.

site survey form image

Thank you for your patience and collaboration as we navigate these new requirements together. For clarifications / feedback, please get in touch