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Don't risk it... Three strategies we've learned to support clients to simplify demo permits

three contractor tips demo permits

1. Stay compliant (so you don’t foot the bill)

Abiding by the five days legal requirement (in accordance with s88 of the Building Act 1975) means that if information is missing from council registers, or there is a challenge to overcome before the demo can proceed, you won’t be liable.

2. Heritage overlays / character restrictions

Our experienced certifiers work with councils to understand site requirements. We can quickly identify issues before they become a compliance headache.

For example, pre-1911 houses will trigger a town planning application but are not all mapped on the council overlay.

In recent months we’ve helped demo companies that were investigated by the insurance company and council regarding fire damaged house demolition. As the waiting period / professional guidelines had been observed, the demolition was not considered illegal.

3. Leverage technology and online communication systems

Your approval is delivered the minute it's available. Our dedicated demolition permit team prioritises quick turnarounds for deconstruction clients.

BA&As innovative technology systems include fully digital engagement / payment and forms that can be easily signed online. We are committed to quick and clear communication.

High volume contractors may benefit from access to our online portal, so you can easily upload required documentation and track the progress of demo approvals at any time.

Demolition / removal permit process and terms to know here.

More town planning insights around Pre-1911 houses from Brisbane Town Planning.

Want a demolition certification expert on your side to help overcome challenges?

Contact Michael Tyrrell and the demolition certification team at Building Approvals and Advice.


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