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Plan, present, green light...

Updated: Jul 12, 2023

The teamwork approach that makes initial meetings more effective.

You can count on our expert certifiers to flag any challenges early so your approvals get off to a smooth start.

construction professional winning project laptop

Help to stay in control

The BA&A team is passionate about playing our part to streamline the complex construction process. Clients are supported from the beginning phases of the project to confidently navigate the many codes and checklists.

Compliance cross checks = no nasty surprises around the corner

Get in touch early so you save time down the line.

The up to date information you need

The NCC is a complex and very technical document. When mandated requirements change (e.g. with NCC updates) there is often a natural and understandable lag in awareness. Our certifiers keep up with building regulations and planning scheme requirements. Benefit early from the BA&A commitment to CPD.

Simplifying the complex

If you are reaching out to clients and need any brochures to explain the certification process, please say the word. Our online resources may also be of use.

Teamwork for safe and successful projects

The support you need when your approvals require expert input. Avoid roadblocks – expert insight can help you give your client options and keep them informed.

BA&A are often asked about site surveys / Form 12 and surveyor requirements for new dwellings, residential renovation, extension, and carport projects. Our tips below!

💬 Let us know if we can connect you with the professional who fits your project requirements.

To save you time: depending on the requirements of your project - let us know in the initial quote request if you wish for particular services/ facilitated options/ additional approvals (such as new pools) included.

Siting Variation / Relax

Required whenever you seek a reduced setback under QDC MP 1.2. May be facilitated by BA&A. Learn more

BOA (Build over Asset eg water / sewer) or BOSW (Build over Stormwater)

Cross-check with asset owner/ engineer after locating assets on site. Detail on plans. When building work is near/over infrastructure (within 3m), if required under QDC MP 1.4, these application(s) may be assessed/ facilitated by BA&A. More here


When a plumbing approval is required, triggered by plumbing work outside of the notifiable work scope (eg combine drain or for new dwellings or buildings) BA&A can support with lodgment through council.

Energy Report

When required by energy efficiency regulations QDC MP 4.1, this can be arranged through an energy assessor and facilitated by BA&A.

Easy to get started

Get our team's experienced eye on your plans ASAP... request a fee proposal,


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